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About Us

About Us

Ignite Possibilities in Life

March Marché - Fragrance and Lifestyle Brand with a Passion in Art and Creation.

Founded in March, the brand name is a combination of English and French which means the March Market, symbolizing the vitality and the new birth of the Spring season when paths are lined with flower blossoms and filled with delightful aroma. 

We believe that life is full of arts and possibilities, and we all have a choice to explore ideas that matter, do what we truly love and achieve amazing things. As we are open and curious to new opportunities, it is never too late to step out of our comfort zone and give a new start.

Delicate Craft of Memories

March Marché candles are inspired by vacation memories around the world. 

Manhattan, New York

MM01 Morning Miracles


In March Marché, environmental protection matters. We source carefully to make our premium candles.



Sustainable Design

Sustainable Packaging



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