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We Care About Sustainability

We Care About Sustainability


When Less is More - Sustainable Packaging

March Marché strive for maximum simplicity and minimum environmental impact through more eco-friendly consumption.

With ever-increasing concerns about the environmental issues related to plastics and other types of packaging materials, March Marché believes that simple and functional packaging is our way to promise our client a sustainable purchase. 

Luxurious Quality, Practical Design

Our silky drawstring bag is exclusively made from quality materials with our signature emerald color and the gold butterfly as the icon.


The bag helps to protect your candle from direct sunlight exposure, fluctuation of humidity and temperature, and to keep it dust-free.


We recommend you to keep your candle in the bag after usage so as to minimize the thermal expansion of natural waxes. Of course, you can always reuse this bag for carrying coins, lipsticks, key chains or whatever you like. 

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